Why I want an education?

Essay 2008. 2. 25. 23:57
Name : Jung, Seowon
Class : ESL 100

Why I want an education?

      The reason why people study something is to live their lives better. After high school, I experienced college for 1 year. My major was computer science in university. However, my dad died when I was 19 years old and the tuition of the university in South Korea was very expensive. Therefore, I needed to stop my studies and I had to get a part-time or full-time job because my mom didnt have a income and my younger sister was a high school student. After 1 year, I went into the military service for 26 months like other Korean guys. After military service, I got a new job at a construction company in order to keep supporting my family. Eventually, I got a good job as a banker even though I didn't graduate from university. I worked at a bank for 3 years.

      One day, I suddenly wanted to study about finance and accounting. Therefore, I decided to study abroad with my wife. My aunt is living in Hawaii and that's why I'm at here at KCC. When I came here in March 2007, I started to study at an ESL language institute. However, my friend suggested that I needed to study at KCC for my English. Therefore, I took the TOEIC test because KCC needed the TOEIC or TOEFL score. Eventually, I was able to enroll at KCC as a student of ESOL94 last semester.

      Maybe, I didnt need an education, because, if I hadn't resigned from my job, I might be a father. Moreover, I might be a director or manager, something like that in my job. A banker is a very safe, stable and comfortable job in South Korea. Why I gave it up and came here is I needed an education. Actually, I don't know the details of work in finance and accounting. To succeed in my life, I think I need to be a professional. To be a professional, I have to study much more. A degree from a colleges or universities is proof that I am a professional or an educated person. I guess many people study at a university or college for many years in order to be a professional.

      In conclusion, some of us like studying, or some of us dont like studying. However, the most important thing is that we need an education in order to live our lives better. Besides, respectable people are usually highly educated.
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